Consumers demand better social response from brands

A recent report by Sprout Social reveals some fascinating insight on how customer care and engagement has become intertwined in the new social world. How companies are responding is enhancing or damaging brand reputation.

Most recent figures (2013) reveal a staggering 175% rise in messages sent by customers to brands on Twitter and Facebook requiring a response or attention.

The trends show big variations in brand engagement and responsiveness across 15 industry sectors on Facebook and Twitter. Surprisingly, there is only a 17.6% average response rate across all industries. Effectively, that means four out of every five messages or comments to brands are left unanswered!

Clearly, this would be unacceptable if the communication was via the phone or email.

Size is not necessarily an indicator of good or poor engagement or response; it seems, more often than not, the bigger the brand the faster the response time. This may indicate better resources.

There is much more in this report but the killer findings are around rising usage and engagement between customers and brands - but declining responsiveness by brands; in summary - most brands MUST DO BETTER!

Written by Wayne Halton at 00:00

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