PR wannabes need new skills

We recognise it's a common cry for employers to claim the next generation is not fit for purpose and academia is too remote from the coal face. This isn't really our gripe, although we have some sympathy with this view.

We see many bright, enthusiastic and capable young people, fresh out of uni. But, too often we see the surprise on their faces when they enter a consultancy, a real workplace, whether it's a work placement or their first job. They're not prepared and their view of work is not realistic. Adjustment can be hard for some. 

We have tried and failed to engage with our local universities to offer some insight and input into courses. Apart from spelling out the commercial realities of life in a private consultancy we would also like to promote knowledge and awareness of some different skills that aspiring PR consultants should have to the ones they're being taught.

(At this point, I would like to thank Jessica Malnik, a PR/marketing coordinator, whose blog post on this subject was picked up and edited on

We agree that new PR graduates should have some familiarity with the following:

  • Basic HTML knowledge (ideal for WordPress and Blogger websites)
  • Simple video making and editing
  • SEO
  • Social media familiarity and greater understanding of commercial benefits
  • Excel

The core skills of being able to write great, concise copy in plain English should not have to be said; nor the need for good grammar and spelling.

Here's hoping some lecturer stumbles across this post ...


Written by Wayne Halton at 16:00

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