Does your PR and marketing agency walk the talk?

There are those who 'talk the talk' and those who 'walk the walk'. In the PR world, there are those who talk ... and there's those who listen, talk and deliver.

I recently graduated from a PR degree course and started working at MHW as a PR and Marketing Assistant. So, my take on the industry is quite different from those who have been working in PR for years.

After a couple of months in the job more of my academic PR theory is starting to make sense. CIPR's definition of PR draws on the importance of 'mutual understanding' and it comes in handy when considering any type of communication that is vital for the industry.

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This mutuality is essential to PR not only with regards to the relationship between the agency and the client; but it also has great importance to the internal relationships within the business. If the employees feel valued, listened to and engaged in the conversation they will be keen to show initiative, to add that extra little that can help boost the business.

In the complicated and over-lapping PR industry it is important on several different aspects.

Firstly, happy - valued and listened to - employees will show initiative that at the very least will lead to a great working environment and, at most, will help boost productivity and the overall performance of the agency business.

Secondly, great internal comms in an organisation show that it's good at creating a conversation. Thus, when stumbling across a PR consultancy that is praised for its amazing 'home environment' a business can be assured that they will be listened to and understood. They can feel confident in employing such a consultancy to help with their communications, because that's what they do best; communicate.

My main point - when looking for a PR consultancy that could help your business, don't get drawn in by those who just talk the talk, no matter how good they talk it. Rather, look out for someone who will listen and genuinely understand your needs. They may talk a little bit but more importantly they should deliver.

Written by Paula Stei at 14:50

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