Embrace the power of short video marketing

It's never been harder to engage consumers, hold them tight, both offline and online. Good video is certainly helping grab and hold attention online.

Time watching videos online is rising and PR folk and marketers need to take note of the changing data that's around on what's working and engaging customers right now. And in six months time it may will be different again.

Here at MHW PR we've dabbled with video for several years, with many clients uncertain about its power and effectiveness and also inhibited by the cost. The debate about effectiveness is no longer a conversation; and cost barriers have largely fallen.

Videos are, in the most part, popular, fun and shareable. Current common wisdom says the optimal length for most is 90 seconds. In our time-starved daily lives it seems this may be shortening further and videos of less than 1 minute are becoming the most effective for marketers.

Most recently MHW turned to short video marketing for clients. This is an ideal way to create short, cost-effective videos to convey quick, strong messages. We have recently put this to the test with two clients - both consumer campaigns - but in very different sectors, healthcare and hospitality. One is in its infancy while the other has been largely rolled out.

At the start of 2015 we were tasked with building anticipation around the opening of the luxury Crowne Plaza Newcastle - Stephenson Quarter hotel. We designed a multi-faceted PR campaign embracing a range of tactics - offline and online - that incorporated short video.

Crowne Plaza Newcastle FB screen shot.jpg

Working with a video production partner we created a series of seven short 20-50 second videos to showcase the development, go-behind the scenes, the recruitment process, and highlight the vision and the hotel's complete offer, comprising a new restaurant, gin bar along with a spa and wellness centre.

Our videos combined a mix of interviews to camera, stills, voiceovers and time-lapses of the development to give viewers a 'sneak peek' of the hotel while providing information in a 'snackable' format.

Once created we established a YouTube channel to begin a programme of drip-feeding the videos onto social platforms. Our primary channel was Facebook as the coporate website didn't exist at the start of the communications campaign. Twitter was used to sign-post and amplify. Bloggers and the regional press played a supporting role.

Partners interested in the development were encouraged to share and promote the videos. Within a few months one of the popular videos was watched around 740 times. There was little doubt their combined impact helped create and build buzz around the city.

Importantly, these videos are part of the wider PR campaign to build the story and narrative around Crowne Plaza Newcastle, giving a global hotel brand a distinctly local and human aspect. There is also a legacy of information for future edits and uses.

Going forwards, we recognise short videos can be used on Instagram and can be pinned to Pinterest; these are all possible future executions for different clients depending on objectives and who we want to influence.

Short video marketing is not just for the big brands like Nike and others. It's affordable and highly effective. Clients just need to develop a story and plan the different executions and channels to market. Please call MHW PR if you want to discuss further.

Written by Wayne Halton and Paula Stei at 06:00



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