Is media relations old hat or never more important?


Here at MHW PR we're very much of the view that media relations and its important role in the PR mix never went away. However, perhaps it's had a makeover and change of clothes.

If anything, in a multi-channel world the need for good, experienced-based media management has never been greater. Many organisations and companies remain too paranoid to properly engage with their customers and online their content and comment is often too vanilla to matter.

Engaging, newsworthy or insightful comment - the stuff experienced PR hands have been producing for decades - is suddenly in even greater demand.

The channels to market may have changed; along with local, national and specialist print and broadcast media, we're now looking at blogging, social, YouTube and emerging platforms. But strategic fundamentals don't alter.

Experienced communicators still need to consider which media channel is the best route to influencing a client's audience. Perhaps this was easier in the past than today when there is a rich variety of media to consider and assess. But once again, it should be remembered different media are simply tools for us to reach groups of people on behalf of a client. Which does the job best?

The tools have altered; some of the tactis of the past have changed; for instance, getting journalists out is not as easy as it once was; but now, in certain business and consumer sectors, the blogger is the new 'journo' and they are the ones we're developing relationships with. The media and the way it behaves has altered. Traditional journalists are having to adapt - but they still all want great content to engage with their readers, viewers, followers or fans.

In the swirl of communications overload, people will gravitate to trusted sources of information. Experienced PR people will still need to build relationships here and the key way to do that will be providing content, content, content.



Written by Wayne Halton at 00:00

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