Tips on proof reading to prevent copy howlers

Working in the communications industry means we do a lot of reading and writing, and although our job roles may not explicitly demand being a good proof reader, it's an essential skill to master. We've all probably been guilty of dropping some howlers and even the biggest can get it wrong:

 intu and Creative Kids spellers.JPG

As you can see from the above, it's so easy to slip up: an embarrassing local poster advertising the opening of Debenhams; and a bad error from a learning organisation confusing their 'they're, their and they are'!

It's best we all take a little more care and time to save ourselves from embarrassment. Below are five tips to help you become a better proof checker to minimise those typos and spellers.

Understandably, all our minds work in different ways and you may not need to follow all five. But I'm sure that there is some good advice here that will serve everyone well:

1. Print your work out. This is a top tip from those who have been proof reading for years. Sometimes when reading on a PC screen your eyes may unknowingly skim over silly mistakes; however, when you have something tangible in your hands you can often pick up on these.

2. Invite others to proof read your work. I'm sure you may already have heard this before but that's because it's effective. When we spend a length of time constructing a blog, article or some other form of copy our brains really do become oblivious to errors, especially if we have proof read it ourselves a few times. In an office, it helps if you have a designated proof reader.

3. Read it out loud. Now unless your colleagues are okay with you reading under your breath a lot, or even at the top of your voice, this is one that might not be practiced comfortably in the office; you may need to find another room.

4. Proof read as you write. You can do this every sentence, paragraph or page. I believe this works best for every paragraph. It allows you to review your work as you proceed and it's easy to do.

5. Have an app! With the help of grammar and spell check apps and browser add-ons like Grammarly, there's far less room for errors.

I hope this helps - don't get Trumped!

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Written by Evelyn Okukusie at 00:00

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