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Urban Night Feast, Newcastle

MHW PR jumped at the chance to help promote the first large-scale, night-time, street-food festival and celebration in the North East. Urban Night Feast was the creation of Indian chef and food writer Maunika Gowardhan.

There have been two highly successful Urban Night Feast events in the Boiler Shop, Newcastle - the first in 2012.

Smaller street-food events had been held in and around the region but nothing on this scale or over three days. Maunika's ambition was to showcase some of the best street-food operators in the region while also attracting some of the best from around the UK.

Working alongside Maunika and marketing and design consultancy, Tent, MHW helped organise some of the pre-publicity for the event, building buzz and anticipation. Tent built and drove online marketing via Twitter, a blog website and eshot newsletters.

This team-effort helped quickly build awareness and a high appetite for more information about the event. Street-vendors were quickly over-subscribed as the buzz stretched beyond the region. National players wanted a slice of the action.

MHW liaised directly with a number of vendors to promote on the event website and via the media.

The media were quick to catch on and recognise the growing interest in this unusual food festival. More importantly, the event took on a life of its own in online communities among foodies and bloggers. The match was lit ...

Ultimately, nobody was sure what level of visitors that vendors or the organiser could expect. There was nothing quite the same to compare against. The imminent build-up was attracting extensive media interest and coverage and cyberspace was buzzing. But would that be reflected in visitor numbers?

Any worries quickly receded on opening night when hundreds flocked into Newcastle's Boiler Shop and vendors quickly started running short on food. Drink and food sellers were force to restock for a busy weekend. Around 9,000 people passed through the doors over the 3-days. People had to be held back and some were simply unable to gain entry.

Urban Night Feast proved a monster success. Attendance records at the Boiler Shop were smashed. Vendors made money. Feedback demanded more of such events were held in Newcastle.


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